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... and now, in a simplified bite-size format!

"Bask in the sheer terrible animation that is the EQUESTRIA GIRLS parody series. Originally made before Hasbro even confirmed the movie existed, these videos made by 5 completely different people explore the wide range of comedic possibilities of moving your character up and down, quoting obscure video-game references and something about appuls. There are an overwhelming ton of show quality fan-made animations out there in this community, and we can assure you this is nothing like any of them. You might even type *WTF* or *what? o_O* in the comments. Trust us, it is entirely justified."

This is one of two Wikias of the series (this description's stolen from the Youtube description of the series, I know). But hey if you havn't seen the series yet (if you havn't why are you here?) then here's the  ---> link. <---

Here is another Wikia dedicated to the EQUESTRIA GIRLS Parody Series: Hopefully, both Wikias will work together to document the world(s) of the Parody Series!

TVTropes link: Equestria Girls (Web Series)

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